Encapsulations Mottram

All Glass and Glazing is proud to offer Mottram most comprehensive, professional and affordable range of encapsulation services and associated products. We understand and appreciate the importance and value of perfectly preserving decorative glass Mottram, both around the home and used in a variety of commercial/industrial settings. Regardless of the size, type or general specifications of the piece to be protected, we promise an encapsulation service that will not be beaten on quality or price.

The process of encapsulation can perhaps best be described as the suspending of a decorative glass product or pane in the space between two glass sheets in a double-glazed unit. Stained glass Mottram is perhaps the most commonly-encapsulated of all decorative glass products, allowing the beauty of the design to shine through unaffected while providing total protection.

By removing the decorative glass from the surface itself, all exposure to potentially harmful wear and atmospheric/climactic conditions is 100% removed from the equation. There is therefore quite simply no better way of bringing maximum protection to exquisite decorative glass, without in any way diminishing its visual beauty.

Market-Leading Encapsulation Services Mottram

Here at All Glass and Glazing, we take enormous pride in offering a comprehensive range of market-leading encapsulation services for the lowest possible prices. As a family-run business, we treat every project we encounter as if it was our own.

During the encapsulation process, we ensure that the decorative glass is professionally cleaned, polished and prepared prior to being positioned between the protective glass sheets. We work only with the highest-quality materials on the market, resulting in a flawlessly-sealed glass unit that isn’t just stunning to look at, but also delivers outstanding thermal efficiency and a real boost to home security.

All products and services across our entire collection come with the same guarantees of:

  • The market’s most outstanding-quality materials and branded fixtures/accessories
  • Extreme care and attention when handling/working with delicate glass products
  • Meticulous attention to detail and a flawless final finish
  • The fastest possible turnaround times and the lowest possible prices
  • Extensive consultancy and aftercare service for total peace of mind
  • 100% impartial advice from an independent family company

We’ve built our reputation on exceeding the expectations of our customers and never turning down a job, regardless of how simple or complex the demands.

For more information on the decorative glass encapsulation services we offer or to discuss placing an order, give our friendly service team a call today on 0161 427 7800.

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At All Glass and Glazing we offer a comprehensive range of glass services alongside our market-leading product catalogue.

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At All Glass and Glazing we offer a comprehensive range of glass services alongside our market-leading product catalogue.