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Saturday, 23 April 2016 08:39

Misted, Failed and Blown Window Repairs

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Contrary to popular belief, even the best double-glazed windows and doors aren’t designed to last forever. There simply isn’t the kind of technology available right now to produce affordable home windows and doors that are genuinely infallible. Of course, invest in quality products and you’ll get at least a decade or two out of them, but given the punishment inflicted by the Great British elements, you can’t expect them to last forever!

Here at All Glass and Glazing, we specialise in the manufacture, supply and repair of the highest-quality glazing the industry has to offer. So if you find yourself facing a problem with any of your home’s windows or doors, we’d be delighted to lend our advice and expertise.

Misted Windows

Sooner or later, all double glazed windows and doors will succumb to the tests of time. And when this happens, one of the most common and characteristic warning signs is a buildup of condensation in-between the glass panes. When the unit’s seals are holding fast, it should be impossible for moisture to get inside. Misted windows occur when these seals are compromised, which should be interpreted as a prompt to take action.

On the plus side, All Glass and Glazing offers comprehensive misted window repair services that can be significantly cheaper than replacing the units altogether. So before considering an outright replacement, you might want to give our team a call to discuss a cost-effective repair.

Failed Window Units

Generally speaking, the seals that protect double glazed window units will last somewhere between 10 and 20 years. There are many reasons why seals can fail at any time – most of which come down to extreme temperatures during the warmer and colder months of the year. Direct sunlight in particular can have a marked effect on the integrity of window seals – especially those of poorer quality or an older age.

Once again, there’s always the option of replacing the windows entirely and this may be necessary if the damage/wear is significant. However, in most instances it is perfectly possible to have the units repaired and re-sealed, once again extending their life by many years, perhaps even decades. Needless to say, the latter of the two options could potentially save you a fortune.

Free Surveys

As we fully acknowledge the fact that you yourself may not be able to accurately evaluate your exact needs, All Glass and Glazing would be delighted to carry out a free inspection. As a fully independent brand with total dedication to the local community, you can count on the advice we offer to be honest, impartial and objective at all times. If affordable repairs are possible as an alternative to outright replacements, that’s exactly what we’ll suggest.

From window repairs to energy-saving glass installation to comprehensive building overhauls, we’ll stop at nothing to deliver the results you need at a price you can afford.

Installation Service

All Glass and Glazing work in conjunction with We Fit For You for all our glass and glazing installations. We Fit For You are a trusted local company with years of experience and knowledge within the glass and glazing field.

For more information or to discuss arranging a free survey, get in touch with our service team today on 0161 427 7800.

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