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Sunday, 12 June 2016 09:14

How Your Home Benefits from A Rated Glass

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Every property of every size, type, age and specification loses heat through its windows. In fact, a property’s windows are almost always the number-source of heat loss, which can have a detrimental effect on both energy use and heating costs. And while there’s a lot that can be done to help by way of heavier curtains, storm-strips and so on, you cannot expect to run an efficient home if you do not have fully-efficient windows.

These days, assessing the energy efficiency of any given windows is as easy as consulting their official Energy Ratings. These were brought in as a means by which to make it as easy as possible for homeowners to make the right decisions for their properties. The scale ranks form A-G – A-rated glass being the most energy-efficient of all and G-rated glass being extremely inefficient. It’s rare to find quality window manufacturers and suppliers these days offering products close to the G end of the spectrum, but at the same time all windows being sold and installed are most certainly not fitted with A-rated glass.

For your own benefit, it’s up to you to make sure the windows you choose for your own property are as energy-efficient as possible!

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows in Stockport and Surrounding Areas

While energy-efficient windows may be more expensive to purchase in the first instance, A-rated glass brings in-tow a wide variety of benefits, which include:

  • Lower Energy Bills – The less heat your home loses through its windows, the less energy you’ll need to use to keep it warm and the more money you’ll save. Research has shown that the average home could save hundreds of pounds every year, simply by stepping up to higher-quality windows and doors
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint – You’ll also be upping your ‘bit’ for the environment too, as you’ll need much less energy to keep your home warm throughout the year
  • Increased Comfort – High-quality windows have the potential to keep your home free from unpleasant draughts, while at the same time reducing or eliminating cold spots around the windows themselves
  • Reduced Noise - Energy efficient-windows also play a role in keeping the interior of your home peaceful and quiet, offering better protection from outside noise. Those who live in busy urban centres or near roads in particular could benefit from an upgrade
  • Reduced Condensation – It’s also possible to reduce condensation build-up significantly by upgrading to more energy-efficient windows and doors

A Long-Term Investment

It may be a costly initial process, but it’s worth remembering that it also constitutes a long-term investment in your home’s comfort, appeal, value and energy-efficiency. And given the fact that you could stand to save huge sums of money on your energy bills every year, A-rated glass has the very real potential to pay for itself over time.

A-rated glass will one day become the only standard for homes up and down the United Kingdom, with costs plummeting and availability increasing all the time. It’s a small change that adds up to an enormous difference – one you’ll be glad you made for decades to come!

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